is the premier provider of paragliding competition
scoring services in the US, perhaps in the entire known

When you hire us to score your competition you can be
assured of accurate results and stress free (almost) scoring
for the organizers and the pilots.  Some of the

  • We provide everything: Computers, software, cables,
    printers, displays, website for posting results, etc.
  • Optionally, we can also set up your registration website.
  • Tracks provided to pilots via the Web
  • Friendly service, even to the guy who always turns his GPS
    in with dead batteries -- though we do talk about him
    behind his back.
Paragliding Competition Scoring
Latest NEWS
Depending on who wins the election this fall, this year may be the last
year to fly competitions before the USA descends into anarchy. Come
out to the Rat Race and Chelan while you still can.
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